3 Productivity Tips that Will Change Your Year.

Its a New Year and that should mean a new you as well. Whether you wanted to go to the gym more, eat healthier or be more assertive, all of us can benefit from being more productive at work and as a professional. One of the resolutions that I personally made was to increase my productivity and to increase the quality of my work overall and to lead a more active lifestyle. I saw a very interesting comment on a workout forum that applies very well to whatever you want to accomplish during the year and in your life. “The next several months are going to go by no matter what you do, you might as well make a change and accomplish something”. While blunt it is the truth, and something that you should take to heart as the first month of the new year comes to close. So without further delay here are some tips that I found to make a big difference and raise your productivity this year.

Employ time-blocking.

Having a to-do list is not a bad thing in itself. I myself have an app or two devoted to such a thing, but why do so many people create a huge to-do list and never accomplish the items on it? This year, I decided that a list was not enough. I needed to actually schedule time in my day to accomplish those tasks. This concept is often known as “time blocking”. Simply take your to-do list and give each item a place on your calendar. Whether you’re a morning, night or midday person it doesn’t matter. Simply set your task up in a physical or online calendar and hold yourself accountable for that time that you block out. Then, when you are in your time-block, don’t allow yourself to get distracted. Shut off your phone, don’t check your email (unless you are in your “check email time” block) and just get it done! With this system in place you should notice that you not only get more stuff done, but your stress level should go down since you are accomplishing your goals.

Do your most important work first.

When I really boil my day down, there are usually only one or two things that absolutely must get done to move the business forward. Yes, there are countless tasks and items on my to-do list. But one or two things are significantly more important than the rest. In the past, I often procrastinated on these items, because they required the most effort or had the biggest “unknowns.” I would check email, schedule meetings and do a hundred other tasks before I reluctantly, if at all, went about my main task. As a result, the one thing I really needed to do to drive my business forward often never got done, and business growth was slow. By scheduling your most important task of the day first, you set the tone for the rest of the day, and your business will move forward with incredible speed.

Multitask appropriately.

Multitasking rarely works, despite what nearly everyone says. When you multitask, you simply accomplish each task less effectively. Your brain tries to switch back and forth between different tasks, and a significant part of your day is lost. This past year, I made a commitment to multitask less and focus more on the task at hand. When my wife talked to me, I put down the computer. When driving, I refused to text. When I was on a Skype call with the rest of the BiggerPockets team, I kept the browser window closed. Of course, I still struggle with this. Being completely present in the moment is difficult for me, as it is for a lot of people. But this past year, I made a conscious decision to multitask less and focus on one thing more. Of course, the one exception to the “no multitasking” rule is listening to audiobooks. Listening to audiobooks or podcasts can be one of the best ways to change your life, and it doesn’t require any extra time. You can listen while driving, working out at the gym, cooking dinner, even falling asleep. It’s the perfect way to multitask effectively and become a better person.


Overall this is a chance for you to be a new and better person and what better to do that then by being more productive! This is something that working at Lampros has definitely taught me in my time here. I am very thankful for what I have learned so far at my time with Lampros and I am excited for what the future holds for myself and the Lampros Labs team.


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