4 Reasons Why Knowing Code Will Help Your Business

4 Reasons Why Knowing Code Will Help Your Business

I have been at Lampros Labs for about 8-9 months now and I have had the privilege of working with a lot of clients who are interested in the type of work we do and being very active in the development of their projects. When our clients approach us to do a project, several of them have been pretty knowledgeable about web development and about program languages. Whether they know this or not, having that knowledge is a huge benefit for them as a leader in their company and is something that anyone with a startup idea or project should learn as well. If I could recommend anything to a new startup it would be to learn some programming language related to web development. This is a decision that you will never regret because it makes you, your startup and the productivity you bring to the table stronger. This is 4 Reasons Why Knowing Code Will Help Your Business.

Save Time & Money

So this is a huge thing for every startup I have ever worked with at Lampros Labs. We as a company offer better, faster, cheaper… pick two. We prefer to be better and cheaper, which means we aren’t always going to be the fastest. We are pretty fast to be honest but if you want something faster you have to sacrifice quality or money. If anyone says they can do all three of these then they are lying to you. Its just how the world works. So what does knowing code allow you to do? Well you can be more involved with the development of the project and understand what it is our devs are doing. Knowing code allows you to work on your project with us, and by working on certain sections of your project you are essentially knocking time and money off your bill which benefits us and you. We want our startups in Cincinnati to succeed and that is best accomplished by making our services more widely accessible to our target market. For example, knowing code lets you fix bugs on your own without breaking the site, change the fonts on your site ,and if you have the knowledge, troubleshoot major parts of your project. So what else do you gain by knowing how to code?

Brain Gains

A tangible benefit that you as an individual gain is an improved brain. Bad rhyming aside, your mind will be sharpened and you mind will inherently be able to solve problems better. Bill Gates has been quoted saying “Learning to write programs stretches your mind, and helps you think better, creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains.” Whether you want to be a computer science major or not isn’t relevant. Programming is involved in so many areas of business and life to the point that you would have to avoid learning it on purpose. Now I do have to say that some people just don’t have the mindset to learn it quickly and others do. Where you fall into that spectrum is your fault by any means, but that doesn’t change the fact that learning this skill will be a benefit for you for many years.

Think Realistically

This is something that benefits you both in a business sense and for life in general. When you’re putting together a timeline for you web app or your new website, you will be able to realistically measure out how long task and stages of the project will take you individually or with a team. Your sense of what is possible and what is just not feasible will keep your expectations grounded and you will be more focused on what you can accomplish with the resources you have available. Remember what we discussed earlier, time is money and if you are saving time then you are saving money. If your lead dev(s) is wasting time and pushing deadlines back you will be able to call him out and get them back on track. The golden opportunity you have to get your product or project out on the market is something you should never pass up.

You look Better to Talent

This can be a huge benefit for you in the long and short run. When you take your idea or business to investors for money you are in a better position to cover all the details of your project to them. Typically investors don’t know how to vet for tech talent and if you do plan on outsourcing some of the task you get to have a better idea of who is being hired and if they are qualified. Another thing you bring to the table was stated earlier, you can solve your own problems if need be. You have the knowledge and the know how which means you can be in charge of your project from top to bottom. Now don’t get too carried away with this knowledge because coding is something that people spend years upon years learning. Those book that say “learn to be a good developer in 15 hours” should say “Learn to be a good developer in 15 years” because that is really how long it takes to be very proficient with coding and programming. Plus when you are working with a team of individuals who are good at what they do coding wise, having the knowledge to stay pretty on par with them will not only allow you to contribute more but also earn their respect because now they don’t need to worry about making something sound less complicated than it really is.

So this was 4 Reasons Why Knowing Code Will Help Your Business. I hope that this was an encouragement and learning experience for startups that want to not only expand their breadth of knowledge on their own industry, but also better themselves as individuals with skills that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives.


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