Augmented Reality

Infusing in Year 2016 and emerging to real world reality

We have seen so many innovative technology trends in the year 2015. Cloud computing. Mobile computing. 3D printers. Artificial intelligence and robotics. Machine learning. Drones. Ect, ect.

But, there is one trend that has been the big talk in this coming year: Augmented Reality.

If you haven’t heard of it, then what exactly is it?

Augmented reality can be synonymous with a mixed reality; Adding to our physical surroundings. The technology allows us to add digital objects or holograms to our real environment.


The big trend has been an exploding topic for big companies — all wanting to invest in this emerging technology.

But, Why is it trending?


AR has been helping various industries/fields including (but not limited to): healthcare, design, education, fashion.


Health care company, Medical Realities, uses the technology of AR (especially utilizing Google Glass and Oculus Rift), to perform live operations for students globally. The purpose? To get rid of the big learning curve and to have an ability to reach students globally.


ARnatomy, an augmented reality infused app, has now replaced traditional studying materials (like notecards and textbooks). They have utilized AR to give visual pointers that match to certain body anatomies.

With the use of AR, we are now able to create 3D objects on 2D screens. AR also gives the designer the ability to visually display their work to their clients instead of their 2D renderings and drawing in their portfolios.


AR marries instructions and activities together. Teachers now use AR to aid learning for students; giving instructions and visual activities at the same time.


Japan is even working on developing a system that can be integrated into our kitchen stoves. Let’s reiterate. Our stoves! The plan is to overlay a screen on top of our pan projecting holograms of food, cooking utensils, directions — like flipping and stirring foods, food weights, temperatures, effect on the foods as it’s cooked. A cooking simulator that’ll help future chefs as well as not wasting food.


AR has reached retail, projecting clothes on shoppers without making them try it on. Makeup corporation, Shisheido, creates an AR makeup mirror, projecting makeup on customers’ faces enabling them to preview before purchasing.


Google translate had created an auto-translation software. Tap the Mic. Speak. After you’ve finished your conversation, the app will automatically translate and display the translation on the screen for the other person. Enter Camera mode. Take a picture of a sign or line of text and the app will overlay the translation on the phone screen.


There are other amazing technology that has fused with augmented reality. Tattoo previews, live books, augmented reality earbuds for music festivals like Coachella.


Why does it apply to us?

What now has been a popular space for gaming now is moving towards a tool for different industries mentioned previously. So, that means that there are billions of companies wanting young students who can help make innovative AR infused technology. According to market research, mobile augmented reality is expected to be a 77 billion market by 2022. Demanded components and software are going to lead to this monstrous demand in this new space.

My prediction (if you haven’t presumed already):

Get into this new space. Invent the new AR technology to create the best user experience for tomorrow’s world. Because everyone will be using it in our everyday lives soon enough.


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