Praphulla Sabbineni joins Lampros Labs

Recent UC Masters graduate hired as DevOps Developer to increase Cincinnati software company’s capabilities For immediate publicationCovington, Kentucky – Greater Cincinnati Area The Lampros Labs team is delighted to announce the hiring of Praphulla Sabbineni as DevOps Developer, a new position created within the company this year. Praphulla recently earned her Master of Science in Read more about Praphulla Sabbineni joins Lampros Labs[…]

Staying Ahead of The Quantum Curve

How Quantum Computers Will Break Encryption Standards Blockchain.  Bitcoin.  Ethereum.  SSL.  Am I pressing your buzzword buttons yet?  What about qubits and quantum computing?  Still following? Quantum computing is the next step in the evolution of computing.  For those of us just coming to grips with the fact that everything happening on your digital screens Read more about Staying Ahead of The Quantum Curve[…]

Polymer: Web Components, Custom Elements

What is Polymer? Google has introduced many of their projects at their yearly I/O conferences. There is one of them worth putting our attention to Project Polymer. This project was led by a team of front end developers working within the Chrome organization at Google. Their main initiative is to make users’ lives easier. They Read more about Polymer: Web Components, Custom Elements[…]


7 Things Every Business Startup Should Know

The startup phase of your new business is likely the most exciting and exasperating time you’ll experience over the life of your new enterprise. Nothing beats the magic of creating something new from scratch, overcoming the naysayers and obstacles in your way. But equally, nothing is as frustrating as running headfirst into a wall – Read more about 7 Things Every Business Startup Should Know[…]