Cheaper, Faster, Better: Pick Two

Being a startup has always been a hard road. Competition is fierce, rapid growth can be a challenge if you can’t keep up with demand, finding the right talent is tricky, and providing the flashy features that your target market craves without putting your startup at risk from hackers or haters can be quite difficult. Often startups go to other companies like Lampros Labs to help deliver better software at a lower cost without sacrificing quality. So when we build a site, design an app or help manage a project we offer you a choice: You can have it cheaper, faster or better, pick two. Realistically speaking you can’t have all three in the real world, it’s just not feasible.* So what are the most important options for you?

Initially a technique pioneered by Daniel Goldin, 9th administrator of NASA, it was proposed that NASA could cut costs and still deliver a wide variety of aerospace programs. The result was controversial because several projects were lost due to project management failures. “Cheaper” might seem like an obvious concept but it’s not as cut and dry as it seems. By reducing final cost on a project we have made it cheaper, but what does that mean for you as a business? Depending on the what other option you pick is how you will be categorized. Either as a company that is cost-effective and delivering a product quickly that might not be the best or delivering a product that is cost-effective and amazing, but took time to design and craft. Being cheap isn’t inherently bad, but it’s something that can be a benefit or curse depending on your market and product. One way that cheaper is applied in software development is with Agile. Agile is a methodology that seeks to deliver products faster and thereby reducing final cost, but it usually isn’t the best if you’re trying to deliver a better product. But what does it mean to be “better”?

“Better” is an arbitrary term. A fine steakhouse is better than McDonalds but is obviously expensive, but it offers a different kind of experience for its patrons. What do you want to offer to your customers? Because what you consider better can be mediocre to someone else. Your expectations dictate what is better, you set your own bar for what is “better”. Better is the highest quality that you can offer and something that is unique to you and no one else. It could be an intuitive UI or an application that offers your customers a completely different experience from any of your competitors. In comparison to Agile software development, there is Software Engineering (SE). SE seeks to create a better problem by answering all the questions and solving all the problems before they actually happen. This in turn creates a longer project cycle but ensures that the final product is top notch and worth the price. At Lampros, if you want the best website or app you will get that, at a cost though. Either it’ll cost you more time or more capital. Figure out what “better” means to you and deliver that to the customers you serve.

Correspondingly, you can be faster in many different ways. For us it means we can get your project done faster and depending on what else you choose can mean different things. Faster can mean better load times in your webpage or delivering your product to your faster. For Fed-Ex and UPS faster means one/two day shipping, but that comes at a cost. In their respective cases they chose better and faster and it meets the needs of a portion of their customers. For any company it’s all about satisfying the customers needs and Lampros is no different.

So what are your needs? What do you want to accomplish? Let us know if there is project that you want us to work on with you and make it the best it can be!


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