How to Nail your Interview

So you have a job interview and you want to absolutely leave the best impression possible. What do you do? What do you wear? How do you carry yourself and what do you do to prepare before hand? These are the questions that many college students and adults have to answer every time they go into an interview with a new company. Whether you applied or a recruiter reached out to you, there is a set way of doing things that is tried and true and can lead to you landing your dream job.  I am going to go over some pieces of advice that you can follow to have a successful interview and enhance your career professionally.

First thing first, you have to practice your nonverbal communication skills. A weak handshake can make interviewers think you’re weak or not confident in yourself. Small things like slouching, eye contact and the tone of your voice can make a huge difference in beginning and ending your interview with a company. It is perfectly understandable to be nervous when interviewing for a really good position or a job that you need, but the difference is to not let it show to others. When you’re interviewing for a position that you want, you need to be confident, not cocky, and carry yourself in that manner. People can pick up on the fact that you’re nervous if you avoid looking at them when speaking or if your arms are crossed. Small things like this can make a big difference in whether or not you get the position because companies want people who are confident in themselves and can inspire others to be the same way. So bone up on that handshake and practice your posture when you’re sitting in your dress clothes.

This leads us into how you need to dress. Every company is different and has a different culture when it comes to professional attire. Some companies require you to wear formal attire and others don’t, but just because they offer casual wear doesn’t mean you get to automatically accept that. It is usually a good idea to shave your beard or mustache, men, and make sure you don’t look scruffy. I understand that some places don’t care how your grow your beard, but it is more professional to be clean shaven when you interview for the position and then grow it out once you’re hired. Find out about the culture of the company and even call ahead to find out what is expected of you to wear if you want feedback. If you think about it, professional attire became the standard for a reason and the reason was because it sets the best first impression when meeting new people.

Next you need to have good communication skills. Now this section covers a lot of information, we will go over listening, speaking, language and questions. Lets start with listening. From the very beginning of your interview, the interviewer is going to be giving you information about the company and about the position, this is all relevant information to you and you would do well to pay attention to what they are saying and forming your thoughts and questions on the subject for later use. With listening comes speaking. How you talk and when you talk have probably the biggest impact in any interview. The way you articulate your thoughts and explain them to the interviewer shows them not only your intelligence, but gives them a glimpse into how you think. Make sure not to speak too much or too little, you’re being interviewed but the conversation should not be dominated by you or the interviewer. Find a nice balance to speaking and listening when being interviewed. Finally lets cover appropriate language. As a general rule, avoid language that deals with slang word or anything that references age, race, religion, politics or sexual orientation. These topics can have you walking out sooner that you would think. Last but not least, make sure to ask questions. It may seem obvious but sometimes we walk out without asking anything because we just had an intense interview or we didn’t know what to ask. But having a list of pre-prepared questions ready avoids that problem and shows initiative as well as an interest in the position that you’re interviewing for.

These tips should hopefully help you make that best first impression for your next interview! I hope that the next time you interview with another company, whether it be Lampros Labs or someone else, that you go in confident and with the knowledge on how to leave the best first impression possible.


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