Lampros Labs Welcomes Driven Backend Developer to the Team, Looks Forward to Delivering Innovations for Its Clients

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Covington, Kentucky – Greater Cincinnati Area

The team at Lampros Labs has the pleasure of welcoming Matt Bennett to its ranks as their newest Backend Developer. Matt has proven himself to be quite motivated and driven through his pursuit of knowledge in his field. Though his professional background took him through spaces outside of software development, his drive and professionalism have made him an ideal component for the Lampros Labs team. 

With a background in Human Resources, Matt sought out tools from Tech Elevator in the Greater Cincinnati area. There, he was able to learn many tools of the trade, as well as how to conduct professional relationships with colleagues and associates in the field. Software development, like any professional field, has a decorum and etiquette in place. Knowledge of that space and how to navigate it was an invaluable tool for Matt Bennett and the many other graduates of the Tech Elevator program.  

Bennett says working with Lampros Labs has been quite an asset for him. Being able to collaborate openly with his colleagues has emboldened him to ask questions of his peers. “I like the feel of collaboration, where you can work together and ask questions. I’m getting better at being in the spotlight and asking those questions. This environment has really helped with that. We learn so much by being exposed to the kinds of things you’ll run into on projects, and by allowing our voices and opinions to be heard in this space. You get feedback on those things and get more confidence in yourself. It’s a great feeling encouraged by bosses to work on projects and things I can do to better the company.”

  Learning new means of innovating in his field and working closely with the bright minds at Lampros Labs will help Matt to become an expert with the tools necessary to deliver the very best results. Specifically, Bennett looks forward to navigating the cloud, domains, and the intricate infrastructure of the internet to give him a better edge in the development field.   

As a backend developer, Matt has the opportunity to cultivate a broad skill set that will serve him, not just in his immediate position, but as a valuable team asset. Lampros Labs looks forward to furnishing him with each of the tools he needs to do just that.

A Workplace Culture is About More than Just the Work! Continued Learning and Personal Touches Make all the Difference

Matt Bennett

In the office, staff work closely with one another to share the tools, skills, knowledge, and solutions that will create the ideal finished product. Staff are encouraged to ask questions of one another, seek out continuing education on the latest technologies, and to experiment with tools of the trade to make something better. Progress in the workplace starts with a culture that inspires creative problem solving and forward thinking. 

Lampros Labs’s CEO, Troy Davis thinks Matt will offer a fresh perspective to the team and looks forward to helping to create yet another professional in the field; one of many that Lampros Labs is responsible for creating. 

In his free time, Matt enjoys playing the drums as he has done for much of his life, playing video games, and working with his friends to create and complete coding projects so he can hone his skills and continue developing outside of the workplace. 

Matt Bennett has been hired as a Backend Developer at Lampros Labs, a software development firm in the Greater Cincinnati area. Mr. Bennett will be working with other developers on the team to meet the goals set by project managers and clients, so the best possible products can be delivered every time. Lampros Labs’s workplace culture is enriched with this newly-added resource and great things remain to be seen. 

About the Company:
Lampros Labs is a software development firm specializing in creating websites, web apps, mobile apps, and other software products for SMBs, startups and non-profits directly, and for large corporations through their agency partners. The company is located in the greater Cincinnati area, with offices in Covington, Kentucky, just across the Ohio River from downtown Cincinnati.

Contact information: 
Troy Davis, CEO
Lampros Labs
[email protected]
Twitter: @LamprosLabs


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