Lampros Labs Year in Review: 2015

2015 has  been a very important year for Lampros Labs. A little over a year ago we were founded and set off with the goal of changing the way startups and agencies do web development and design. With what originally started as just Troy Davis, CEO & Founder, and another developer has grown into a team of 15 made up of Project Managers and Developers. We have been a very blessed and fortunate team to have met and worked with so many clients over the past year and we are happy to have helped so many with their online goals. This article is being dedicated as an homage to the hard work of our developers, the dreams and aspirations of our clients and a look at the growth that we have experienced through 2015.

When Lampros Labs started in the Fall of 2014 it was just Troy and our first developer Mitchel. Very soon after our first Project Manager Darakshan was hired and we completed our first couple of small projects in what would eventually become a sea of opportunity. Skipping ahead to around the time I was hired, since I know more about this time in Lampros Labs history, we started to get some bigger projects and clients. When I started working we had about 4 developers working for us and we were in the middle of getting ready for the summer season and looking for a few more people to join us. Over the summer we helped many clients and agencies complete their web apps, redesigns and a few projects from the ground up. One of our biggest success’s client wise was Viaggi. We are very happy that they have been able to partner with Uber to provide free Wifi to their customers out in San Diego after all the hard work and testing that went into that project! Without disclosing too much information we are also very happy for the work that has gone into Live and Play Cincinnati,, which has gone through many changes since I became apart of the project but has now been launched and is working for all of Cincinnati to see. Something that I personally have been involved with is the hiring of our developers. Several of the people who work at Lampros Labs have been referred to us by friends and many more have been found through the traditional method of career sites. It has been a wonderful experience to meet these people and see all the hard work that they have already accomplished at such a young age and start their careers strong. Truly not enough can be said for the hard work, patience and intelligence that many of them have brought to the table as college students and adults looking to refine their craft.

Another shoutout for 2015 has to go to our co-founders company and design team of Reversed Out! Lampros Labs focuses on code and a little bit of web design but our friends at Reversed Out are all about designing and creating graphics. They helped us design the business cards that all our developers use and have been a great funnel for web work for us. While they apply their design magic on one hand we provide the excellent code and back-end on the other. If not for this partnership it could be safe to say that Lampros Labs would have missed out on many excellent opportunities. So a big thank you goes to Reversed Out for all their help on the projects that we have worked on together through 2015!

Lampros Labs is now 13 developers and 2 Project Managers strong with students ranging from Full-time to Part-time work schedules. We easily have anywhere from 10-20 projects going on at one time with little things popping up from past ones that just need a quick fix or update, but we are proud of the work we have done and we hope our clients are ready to attack 2016 with the same vigor and enthusiasm as we are. At this point in our company we are actually looking for more students who have the drive and work ethic to jumpstart their careers in a very competitive field here in Cincinnati. Many of our current Full-time developers are going back to school and while we are sad to lose such great talent for a few months we are excited to meet new people who want to work with us. If you or someone you know would like to work with us on either a project or with an inquiry into careers here at Lampros Labs please fill out the CTA below and we look forward to hearing from you.

Finally as a last way to end this brief look back at 2015 we just want to give a huge heartfelt thanks to the many clients we have had the pleasure of working with and we look forward to what 2016 has to bring for all of us!!


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