New Lead Backend Developer is Latest Addition to Greater Cincinnati Area Development Firm, Great Things to Come

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Covington, Kentucky – Greater Cincinnati Area

Sage Turner, an experienced PHP developer with a knack for backend web development, has been welcomed warmly to the Lampros Labs team. Since earning their Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Capital University, Sage has made quick work of becoming experienced in multiple roles in software and web development. They have gone from junior PHP developer, all the way to project manager before claiming their spot within Lampros Labs as Lead Backend Developer.

“I’ve always been interested in web development—which is what I do—since I was a kid making themes on Tumblr. I decided to major in it when I took AP Computer Science in high school,” Sage said of their interest in the subject. At only 12 years old, they found they had the knack for coding and their pursuit of the latest knowledge and languages has been running strong since.

When asked about aspirations within the field, Sage said they have interest in learning things like Node.js, C#, and React, hoping that it would give them a much more thorough and comprehensive view of any and all projects in the works. Lampros Labs is, of course, thrilled to have this valuable tool in its arsenal as they begin 2022 with many lofty goals on the horizon.

The leadership at Lampros Labs has dedicated itself to providing a supportive and intuitive environment for all of its resources, making developers just like Sage feel close with their team and included in all aspects of the work they do.

In a Field that is Advancing Every Single Day, Continuing Education is a Big Part of Being the Best Professional for the Job!

Sage Turner

The learning doesn’t stop for developers once they leave college. In fact, because new technologies are always being developed, an engineer’s education is never complete! 

It takes driven individuals with an insatiable thirst for knowledge to make up the best team of developers. Troy Davis, the CEO of Lampros Labs, is well acquainted with this idea and is proud to make additions to his team that will help bring the latest and greatest advancements to the table for each of his clients.  

Through a thorough education and through expert communication between all the parts of the Lampros team, leadership is able to set ambitious goals for the staff that not only challenge them, but allow them to get that much closer to recognizing their full potential. 

The workplace culture at Lampros Labs has been further enriched with the addition of Sage Turner, who has many interests and hobbies that keep them learning and growing. Writing and watching movies are two of their favorite pastimes, while learning crochet, piano, and guitar keep them sharp in their daily life. 

Lampros Labs is thrilled to welcome Sage Turner, an experienced backend developer, to their team as they grow and continue to deliver the best results for all of their clients. 

Sage’s drive for knowledge and for understanding more about the development field makes them an attractive asset to the team, and allows them to stay ahead of the ever-changing curve of web development. 

Troy Davis, CEO, looks forward to the collaboration and team enrichment that will come from this latest addition to the Lampros Labs ranks. 

About the Company:
Lampros Labs is a software development firm specializing in creating websites, web apps, mobile apps, and other software products for SMBs, startups and non-profits directly, and for large corporations through their agency partners. The company is located in the greater Cincinnati area, with offices in Covington, Kentucky, just across the Ohio River from downtown Cincinnati.

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