Software Development Firm Welcomes Lead Front-End Dev to Propel Existing and Future Projects to New, Greater Heights

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Covington, Kentucky – Greater Cincinnati Area

Lampros Labs—a development firm in the Greater Cincinnati area—is pleased to announce the arrival of their new Lead Front-End Developer, Alex Davis. Davis comes to Lampros Labs with a rich working knowledge of the field already under his belt.

Professionally, Davis was employed at the University of Cincinnati Center for Simulations & Virtual Environments Research, where his skills as a graphic artist were used to further the technology used to prepare medical students for specialized fields and procedures in medicine. When Davis and another designer were pitted against a team of engineers in a race to port a simulation from one engine to another, Davis discovered his drive for understanding engineering. Now, Davis uses that drive to launch him forward in his career.

The tech industry always leaves much room for growth, learning, and improvement. Goals for expansion and achievement are in no short supply in this field, which is ideal for Davis, whose goal is always to “be a better team lead than I was before.”

“Lampros Labs is really good at getting their [staff] a greater breadth of knowledge on the tools of the trade,” Davis says. Previous web design work had him focused mainly on WordPress and the associated frameworks with it. Now that he’s branching out on projects for clients, he is getting to learn more about React and Vue, two subjects that held much interest for him as he grew into his role as a developer.

Web Development isn’t Just Lines of Code—Working with People is How Projects Begin and End!

Alex Davis

Development projects happen through intense collaboration and teamwork. This magic happens, not only among the engineers, but between the client and the team working to service them as well. 

The client’s needs are the chief focus when a project is being developed for them, so it’s the job of dedicated professionals like Alex Davis to understand those needs and translate them into results. 

“It’s a little different,” Davis said of working directly with some clients. “The client picking process is discerning and as a result, we get really interesting projects from people who can challenge us.” 

The team culture at Lampros Labs inspires a good deal of collaboration and teamwork that allows many hands to make light work of innovations that impress and satisfy their customers. 

In his free time, Alex enjoys spending time outdoors with his active, furry best friend Argos. His dog enjoys trips to the skate park and hiking, so Alex carves time out of each day to take him out to explore. Personal coding projects have taken more of a back seat these days, Davis admits, but he says that the time outdoors has done wonders for his health, so he is happy to oblige. 

Greater Cincinnati area software development firm welcomes Alex Davis to its roster in their latest strides forward to deliver the very best technologies for their clients. Mr. Davis looks forward to learning even more of the specialized tools in the field to assist his team to reach and exceed the expansion goals in mind for Lampros Labs. The development team stands ready to work with each of their clients to achieve and surpass their expectations. 

About the Company:
Lampros Labs is a software development firm specializing in creating websites, web apps, mobile apps, and other software products for SMBs, startups and non-profits directly, and for large corporations through their agency partners. The company is located in the greater Cincinnati area, with offices in Covington, Kentucky, just across the Ohio River from downtown Cincinnati.

Contact information: 
Troy Davis, CEO
Lampros Labs
[email protected]
Twitter: @LamprosLabs


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