Started from the Bottom and You’re still There

Lampros Labs is a unique company in Cincinnati. The idea behind it isn’t like your average corporate internship or co-op. The skills that you bring and learn along the way are real and tangible things you’ll be able to use for the rest of your professional life. We try to give students the opportunity to work with clients that you can actually see and interact with. So what about us? What are we looking for in students? Lampros Labs looks for three major traits in our potential candidates; competence, sociability and enthusiasm. Three traits that in theory seem pretty simple, but surprisingly are a rare trinity to find in a student today.

So what does it mean to be competent? Competent in school, competent at work, competent culturally? For us competence means having the skills to perform the task our clients set for us. For a front-end developer competence means having a proficiency in programing languages while also having a flair to technical aesthetics that make a website pleasing to the eye while being technically sound. For the project manager competence can mean having a blend of technical skills and being able to prioritize the many steps that go into a project. Knowing when and what things need to be done is a huge part of making sure a project runs smoothly on our end and ultimately making sure the client is happy with the final product we give them. For our back-end developers competence is being able to work with lots and lots of code. Back-end development is the brain of any app out there, and while it is rarely seen by the user it is an integral part of the design process. However competence can only get you so far in life, especially when you’re in an environment that requires you to communicate with team members as well as clients. This is where sociability comes into play for us.

Sociability is defined as having the quality to be sociable. We’re all people, we have an innate desire to interact with others. Our candidates have to show that they can relate to other people and be able to confidently communicate with clients and with the team. For all of the positions here at Lampros, all of them involve some level of personal communication with a client, developers need to talk to them about their ideas for a web-page or app and project managers will spend an extensive amount of their time being the bridge between the client and Lampros Labs. Understandably some people might argue that someone writing code doesn’t need to be a smooth social man when they just need to focus on code. However, sociability is something that makes a leader in an organization and make a candidate look like they can handle responsibility. In any company a level of sociability is needed and Lampros is no different in that regard, we want individuals who can be leaders,dependable, and be able to listen and make decisions. Now even if you have mastered social interactions and can write all the code in the world there is one attribute that we really value here and that is enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is something that can make or break any candidate who puts their name or resume forward to us. We really want our employees to love their field. So the question is how does one show enthusiasm to a company and prove that you’re different from candidate X or Y? The secret is so simple honestly. Do projects on your own time. Take jobs that are related to your future field and not the seasonal burger flipper positions. Hone your craft and work on things that really interest you that are related to your field. Do you want to be a mobile app developer? Then start working on your own app. Do you want to be a website developer? Then build a website that is responsive and is something that you can be proud of. The sad truth is that the classroom can only get you so far in the professional world when we want people who can think on their feet and have a genuine interest in what they do. This trait is the hardest to find in a student and it usually separates the average employee from the next CEO of a company. At Lampros we really want these students to work for us because we know they will love being here and will be able to use their skills to secure a job when they are finished with school. Bottom line is don’t take a job because it pays the most or offers the most flexible schedule for time off, but is something that you want to pour your heart and soul into and love doing for the rest of your life.

So if you think that you have all of these qualities then we would love to hear from you and we look forward to seeing what you will do for us and yourself


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