Thank You & Congratulations Darakshan

Currently Working as an IT Consultant

Here at Lampros Labs we like to shine the spotlight on our students who work here and on the amazing work that they do. When it comes time for a student to graduate we would like to say a little about them and express our thanks for the work that they did with us. Our first graduate to leave us was Darakshan. She was our first Project Manager at Lampros and was here from the very beginning. We asked if she could give us some thoughts about her time here and this is what she had to say.

“January of senior year of college, I became the second hiree of Lampros Labs. Little did I know at the time that joining Lampros was the beginning of an unmatched internship experience. Troy trusted me enough to put me in a managerial position even as a student. As a student, it is hard to find a position that allows one to take on major responsibilities or feel like your work matters. From the moment I joined, I knew my work had a direct impact on the company and it was crucial for me to perform well. My role at Lampros was a project coordinator/manager, but really I considered myself Troy’s “right-hand woman.” I attended client meetings, organized project responsibilities and deadlines, and  assisted with whatever I could. Troy treated me like an asset and appreciated my work when I did well. He was there to guide me every step of the way and I never felt like I was left alone. Once I graduated in May, I moved on to become a full time IT consultant. Without the skills I gained at Lampros, I would not have had the skill set necessary for my job now. The experience I gained at Lampros was unmatched and I cannot thank Troy enough for deeming me capable of such a role.”

This goes back to the promise that we have with Lampros. We promise “That we want our students to take the skills that they learn here and have a job offer right out of college”. We want to have this type of success happen to all of our students and have the time they spend here be meaningful to their career. Needless to say we are very thankful for Darakshan’s contributions and hard work during her time here. We wish her well in her career and continued success in her life.


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