April 20, 2020


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  • Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer

A Full-Stack Developer is an individual who can understand a company’s needs and expectations of an application. The ideal candidate has expertise in a variety of skills, including the ability to work with all layers involved in software development.

This includes demonstrated ability to plan and write code for the creation of secure, efficient systems in various programming languages, understanding the composition of the various layers of technologies in apps, websites, and back end systems, ability to implement highly usable interfaces, and working knowledge of a wide variety of existing software solutions typically used as the basis for more complex solutions. Depending on the project’s needs, this could include a native application stack, a web stack or a mobile stack. The developer must be able to visualize the entire project and successfully work with a team through the analysis, design, implementation, testing, and deployment of the project as it moves through the development process.

Successful full-stack developers enjoy solving complex problems, are detail-oriented, have an interest in other technologies, new product development, and startups, plus motivation to participate in best practices for agile software development teams.

We are hiring for a full-time position (~40 hr/wk). Retirement benefits, PTO available, health insurance estimated to be available Q1 2021.

Qualifications: Strong front end and back end software development skills, familiarity with agile development processes, willingness to mentor other developers, and a desire to improve your own skills and talents.

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