April 20, 2020


We’re currently hiring for the following positions:

  • Back End Developer
  • Project Manager

Back End Developer

Back End Developers work with our clients, vendors and team members to develop, customize and maintain a wide variety of applications and services. You’ll work within a team of developers, mentoring those less experienced than yourself and being mentored by someone more experienced. You’ll work directly with clients and have input on project decisions and technology choices. A project manager will work with you to help assure that projects are successful.

We are currently hiring for a full time (~40 hr/wk) developer who loves software development and working with people on a wide variety of projects using various technologies chosen based on project needs and team competencies. Relaxed work environment, flexible schedule, work from home when appropriate. Expand your skills and further your career working on challenging projects with us!

Qualifications: Demonstrated experience in at least 2 programming languages, web applications, cloud architectures, Android and/or iOS development, and competence with the Linux command line. Demonstrates the ability to communicate effectively with other developers and clients.


  • Comfortable working in Linux/Unix environment 
  • Git version control 
  • Object-Oriented PHP and MVC frameworks 
  • Experience working with REST and SOAP APIs
  • Database design and SQL query construction
  • Experience with iOS or Android development
  • Familiarity with front end technologies


  • Network or Linux system administration 
  • Cross platform mobile development
  • Electronics hacking

Required to learn: 

  • PHP, PHPUnit and test-driven development
  • Gitflow workflow and branching model 
  • Docker
  • WordPress (plugins, theme integration, customization)
  • AWS: Elastic Beanstalk, ECS, SQS
  • Hypermedia REST APIs with HAL
  • HTTP request lifecycle
  • Regular expressions
  • Startup business models and monetization
  • Industry ethical standards and best practices

Project Manager

Project Managers are in charge of planning and overseeing projects, keeping them on time and below budget. They are to communicate with the client and collect project updates. They should be able to evaluate, measure, and mitigate risks when they arise. A project manager is an advocate for the project. They also prepare estimates, planning materials, and other administrative documents. They also schedule, coordinate, and lead meetings with clients and developers.

Successful project managers in this position are detail oriented, have an interest in the tech industry, new product development, and startups, plus motivation to research and implement best practices for software development teams.

We are hiring initially for part time (20 hr/wk), to become a full time position (~40 hr/wk) in the July-August time frame. Retirement benefits, PTO available, health insurance estimated to be available Q1 2021.

Qualifications: Must have completed a Bachelor’s degree or plan to by Spring 2020. Project Managers must have strong communication and organizational skills, familiarity with software development processes and team management principles.

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