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What is Lampros Labs?

Developers who help you get the meaningful insights as we develop together, not after your budget is spent.

Our Mission

Lampros Labs recruits talented young developers with strong technical skills for full-time, co-op and part-time project work, serving our startup and agency clients. Our developers work directly with clients, refining their soft skills as well, as they launch their professional careers. Projects are supervised by Lampros Labs' operations team, experienced industry professionals who keep projects on schedule and within budget, and who enjoy sharing their knowledge and expertise, all in pursuit of better code, happier clients, and new challenges.

  • Our talented designers and developers can create a stunning new website for you.

  • Our developers can help you bring your ideas to life.

  • Build the right architecture for your current and future needs through thoughtful analysis.

  • Trying to solve a business problem? We can help you find creative solutions.


LAMPROS LABS Professionals

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Troy Davis


Alex Davis

Lead Front End Developer

Brian Wesselman

Front End Developer

Adonis Brown

Project Manager

Samee Qazi

Back End Developer

Sage Turner

Lead Backend Developer

José Velázquez

Backend Developer

Austin Hayes

Backend Developer

Ashley Hart

Frontend Developer


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